Why We’re Obsessed With These Fair Trade Jeans from Madewell

We’re always on the hunt for a perfect pair of jeans. We need the perfect fit, durable, high quality, perfect wash, and of course we want them to be ethically sourced.

Enter Madewell.

As you may know, at Fairly Woven we’re BIG fans of products sourced from Fair Trade suppliers (check out our blog post on what it means to be fair trade certified, if you’re curious to learn more).

A lot of brands claim they’re ethically sourced, they’re somewhat transparent about how they produce their goods, or use green buzzwords that don’t always have a ton of meaning behind them.

Madewell, however, has taken it a step further than many! They have a collection of denim that is sourced from Fair Trade suppliers, and the selection is impressive! The number of washes, silhouettes, sizes, and inseam lengths that are available speaks to the fact that they have not cut corners when putting thought into their Fair Trade denim collection.

Our favorite pair though, really hits all the marks. Their perfect vintage jean has an 11″ rise, making it super high waisted compared to other brands. The fit is somewhat loose, Madewell describes them as “these are “mom jeans”…if your mom was a ’90s supermodel”.

They’re also available in multiple washes (scroll down for the options!) and all are available in petite, regular, and tall inseam sizes!

All of these factors, combined with the fact that Madewell is well known for their high quality denim and attention to detail, puts these at the top of our list if you’re looking for Fair Trade denim!

Wash 1: Ainsworth

Wash 2: Rosabelle

Wash 3: Sumner